Temple Newsam & Skelton Lake 15km

An incredible run route around the beautiful estate of Temple Newsam, and into Skelton Country Park. Pass through woods and fields – a great trail run!


Elevation gain:289m

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One of the more interesting runs in the area. Temple Newsam has large grounds with extensive gardens. This is mainly a trail run, touching pavement in only a few places. At 15k you are in for a real treat, passing Temple Newsam Golf Course, Skelton Lake, not to mention weaving through the grounds of Temple Newsam.

Wanting to find your way to the start of the route? Here is a link for a Google Maps Directions page.

This route has a distance of 15km and an elevation gain of 289m.

The largest non-stop incline begins in the second third of of the route, and has a distance of 579m and an elevation gain of 32m. You can see this on the above elevation chart in red.

The largest continual decline is 421m long with an elevation drop of 37m which starts in the second third of the route. This is shown on the chart as green.

Route Description

The route starts near the bottom end of Elm Tree Walk. It begins by heading down the small one way road towards The Home Farm. This gentle hill is a great warm up for the run to come.

From this point onwards follow the paths to the left of the buildings, past the Phys-Cap Playground and up to Go Ape. Once on the road above Go Ape you need to leave the road and head through Menagerie Wood and down towards the lake. Once you have reached the lake, keep it on your left and cross at the second bridge.

There will a short section through the woods heading away from the lake, and then break out onto another road. Stay on this until you pass Colton Medieval Village and once you hit Park Road take a right. Follow this path down until you get to the stream and cross, following the footpath.

You will stay on this footpath (134) until you are almost at Bullerthorpe Road. There will be a fork in the path, take the left up to the road and then turn right to head down Bullerthorpe Road.

Follow the path down until you hit The Ave, then follow this, over the lake and up into Wilderness Wood.

The route then curves around Charcoal wood and then just above Colton Beck until it reaches a sharp turn near Dunstan Hills. Here it heads up to Dog Kennel Hill and then down through Pegasus Wood.

Once the M1 has been passed, take a right at Pontefract Lane and follow this until a curve in the road and take the right. Stay on this all the way until Skelton Lake. Circle Skelton Lake and head up the other side of the beck finally reaching Pontefract Lane again.

Once back past the M1, take a left and head around the edge of Temple Newsam, through Bell Wood. Then around Temple Newsam Golf Course.

This is the final stretch, down Temple Newsam Road and back to when the route started.


Watch your footing after it has rained as some of this route is on grass. It can get muddy!

Also be careful around the lake during winter as it is sometimes known to get icy.


This is one of the more picturesque routes we have had the pleasure of scouting out!

Set on 1500 acres of scenic parkland it is the second largest section of the Forest of Leeds. This route only passes one of the three lakes, and there are a number of incredible gardens closer to the house. Temple Newsam is also the location of a parkrun!

The Temple Newsam house was built by Thomas Darcy between 1500-1520 and was the largest house in Yorkshire. He wasn’t able to enjoy the house for long, as Henry the 8th beheaded him for starting an uprising. Leeds City Council acquired it in 1922.

For more information you should take a look at the Discover Leeds Temple Newsam page.

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The Temple Newsam Estate has toilets on site by the house. The stable toilets are probably the easiest to get to. This is the only place with toilets on the route.


There are several places to park near the beginning of the route.

The first is in the car park close to the house. This is patrolled, but costs to park here. The postcode is LS15 0BG (Google Map Directions).

There are a couple of free parking spots, we would suggest the North car park postcode: LS15 0EZ (Google Map Directions).

Food and Drink

If you are fancying a snack or a coffee start before or after your run we suggest heading into the Temple Newsam Tea Room. Nothing like a cream tea after a run…

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