Roundhay parkrun 5km

A mix of hills, great views, and the fresh air of Roundhay Park. A parkrun 5k.


Elevation gain:44m

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This run route takes in some of the best sights Roundhay Park has to offer in a nicely packed 5km. Before the event you will need to signup for free at Roundhay parkrun.

Route Description

Starting just past the monument, the route begins by heading up to the Mansion House. Take the first left and head along Upper Lake Path.

Follow this until the fork in the path and go left into the centre of the park. Once here take the first left and through the Park Arena. This point always feel fast and the park opens up around you!

Head down past the velodrome and head towards the Café. Once at the café turn left and head back up with the lake on your right to where you started.

Loop this again 2 more times and cross the finish line slightly up from where you first set off.


Although this is a fairly smooth route be careful underfoot during autumn and winter.


At over 700 acres, Roundhay Park is one of the biggest urban parks in the world visited by almost a million people a year. It includes parkland, woodland and gardens now owned by Leeds City Council. Before it was sold to the council Roundhay Park was a hunting ground gifted to Ilbert De Lacy by William the Conqueror in the 11th Century.

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There are plenty of customer toilets in and around the park. Use one in Tropical World, The Roundhay Fox, The Mansion or The Lakeside Café.


There are several car parks available for free at Roundhay Park.

Food and Drink

If you fancy a sit down after the run there are a number of picnic benches dotted around the park just inviting you to bring a post-run picnic.

However, for those in need of some cooked food and a coffee you can pop into the Lakeside Café (the one you will run past). This café has a great outside eating area and is a firm favourite of runners using the park.

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