Kirkstall Rollercoaster

  • Road

6 leg pounding ups and downs that will make you a better runner in the end. A bit like life!

Distance: 2.48km


The Kirkstall Rollercoaster is 6 up and 6 down.

It’s over 140 feet of solid climbing to work your body, lungs and heart. What goes up must come down on this route. The ups are all about pushing it to the limit, whereas the downs act as a perfect recovery.

Hill running is great because it makes you better at running in the long run, and it burns more calorific energy in the short term.

Route Description

Start at the base of Haddon Road and find your path straight up that hill. Give it some energy because as soon as you hit the top its recovery time. Jog down the next street (Haddon Avenue) and complete 4 sets of these until you reach the arch road of Bankfield Street.

Drop down Barnbrough Street and get ready for the final two sets of up and down. You’ll have picked up that the gradient is getting steeper and steeper as you get to the end. Finish with the hill crescendo and saviour the burn.

Add or subtract the number of sets depending on your energy and fitness levels. Our top tip for hill running is to gentle lean into it with a strong knee drive. And looking anywhere but the top of the hill can help you mentally to keep going.


When your climbing these hills with everything you’ve got you’re going to run it better on the road. Running like this increases the risk of you clouting cars coming up and down the road. Keep an eye and ear out  and get on the pavement when you need to.


The Kirkstall Rollercoaster is around 2-miles to the north west of Leeds City Centre. The road runs parallel with the River Aire. One of the best things to see (and run to!) locally is the Kirkstall Abbey. It’s just down the road from this route!


The nearest toilet to the Kirkstall Rollercoaster that’s open all hours is the Cardigan Field McDonalds. Hold back from refueling on that junk though!


Park for free on the quiet residential road of Greenhow Walk, postcode: LS4 2HQ (Google Map Directions)

Food and Drink

If you want to refill that energy burn straight after then you won’t do much better than grabbing a hot bite to take away from Italian maestro’s POCO Sicilian Street Food.

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