Introducing Leeds Run Routes!

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Running legs in a Leeds park. Introducing Leeds Run Routes.

Leeds Run Routes is your one stop shop for running routes across all of the Leeds area. Providing walkers, joggers and runners the best Leeds has to offer on trail, road and canal.

The Leeds Run Routes website has been born to solve a challenge that all of us running in a LS postcode have. When deciding to go for the run the first question is always ‘where shall I run?’ and more specifically ‘what route shall I follow’?

Now imagine taking that runners conundrum and applying it to a range of runners with differing needs and wants. Leeds Run Routes provides you with a route that varies in distance and terrain. You might be a beginner looking for a park to take your first strides towards a 5km or a seasoned runner looking for an advanced 15km trail run. Leeds Run Routes have got you covered at every stage of your running journey. 

The curiosity of the everyday runner has influenced the Leeds Run Route site. Many of the routes have previously remained locked away from a wider audience. Held onto by run leaders and running groups across Leeds. 

Now you’ve got your route, Leeds Run Routes are taking it several strides ahead of everyone else. Just knowing what the route is isn’t the end of it. It’s about creating the best running experience possible. That’s where we can make you a promise that for each question you have, like: ‘Where’s the nearest parking?’; or ‘Where can I get a bite to eat and drink after my run?’ – Leeds Run Routes will have the answer.

Check out the growing selection of  run routes and keep coming back for more. 

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Ben Fraser

Ben is an experienced runner and fitness enthusiast who has been working in the sport and fitness industry for over 10 years. His passion for running began when he founded the Run Leeds project, while working for England Athletics. Ben is passionate about the sport of running and is always looking for ways to improve it. He is dedicated to helping runners of all ages and abilities to achieve their goals. He believes that running is one of the most enjoyable and accessible sports and loves to spread the joy of running.

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