Endure24 Hints & Tips

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Endure 24 Hints and Tips

Billed as the ‘Glastonbury for runners’ Endure24 is one of the most vibrant and entertaining endurance running events in the UK. Part of its appeal is its suitability for both the novice and experienced endurance runner.

Whatever level you are at we have broken down all you need to know and expect of Endure24; with a few hints and tips thrown in for good measure!

What is Endure24?

Endure 24 in the woods

Endure24 is a trail running race against the clock. Set over an 8-kilometre loop in Reading (Wasing Park) and Leeds (Bramham Park). Amid backdrops of luscious greenery and undulating woods; with the aim of seeing how far you and your team can run in 24-hours.

How does Endure24 work?

Running an entire day on your own sounds epically brutal. And for some that’s the draw of Endure24. For others this relentlessly epic run is about teamwork and completing it together. You can enter Endure24 as a run club, team or solo runner. When running Endure24 as a team you will do it in numbers of 6-8, 3-5, or as a pair. 

Starting at midday on a Saturday and running all the way through until noon on the next day. Endure24 has a festival vibe that includes camping and fully stocked pit stops – food marquees; massages; showers – that wouldn’t look out of place in the quieter zones of Glastonbury!

How to Enter the Endure24?


How to enter Endure 24

Running solo at Endure24 is less complicated because you’re solely in control. Running as a team poses a few more challenges. Like any good team, having some difference in there is important. Think of it like Belbin’s team roles – having 8 good runners won’t cut it. You’re going to need the organiser to keep the team base in order; the comedian to draw out the laughter at 3am; the strategist that loves to fit the team into a running schedule; and so on! Once you’ve got THE team together enter online for Endure24 Leeds or Endure24 Reading.

How do I prepare for a 24-hour race?

Preparing for a 24-hour endurance running race takes lots of planning and consideration. From the time spent training to fuelling the body with nutrition and rest. Here’s our top takeaways to prepare for a 24-hour running race.


Let’s start by setting a broad expectation that a 24-hour event requires. It’s time to become completely re-acclimatised to running at a new pace, sleep deprived, and fuelled on the hour.

Preparation Time

When we think of preparation time for an event like Endure24, those returning to endurance running need 6-months minimum. For those attempting a feat like this for the first time it is worth giving up to 12-months to prepare. One of the ways to keep on top of time – progress is to keep a diary of all the key developments.

Preparing for Endure24 race

Pacing & Walking

Like building aerobic capacity at a low intensity. That’s a sufficient amount of oxygen over a longer period. One way is to run for time. Utilising a lower-steadier running pace. However, don’t forget to include some HIT (high intensity workouts) thrown in there – it will improve your ability at clearing lactic acid.

Once the pacing is sorted, get those steady long runs in each week. It might feel like a slog but anything up to 6-hours on your feet is a good benchmark to get to before the 24-hour event.

On the big day you’re going to be moving for anything up to a whole day. Unless you’re confident you can run it all. You should consider taking walking breaks on each of the 8-kilometer laps. Break up the lap, walk for a part, and run the rest. And avoid sitting down if you can.

Run Gear

Endure 24 running gear

Setting up your gear in a way that makes it easily accessible will ensure you can grab and go. Getting organised to make those running break transitions as seamless as possible.

Hydration & Food

Endure 24 food to eat

Get hydrated and stay hydrated! Aim to replace what you lose through sweating and urinating. 

Get the right balance with your food intake. Carbohydrates – fat – protein will be key. Test what works for you in advance – bagels, biscuits and pizza anyone? – and bring enough to keep around 50g of carbs, 4g of fat, and 10g of protein topped up every hour.


Build in more sleep ahead of your Endure24 event by taking more daytime naps. And get a good night sleep the night before.

Keep Going!

Finally, When things become tough on a 24 hour race, it can help to focus on doing just one more lap. It’s a great strategy to keep pushing yourself.

Runtastic has put together a brilliant guide for preparing for 24 hour races if you are looking for a more in-depth breakdown!

How to finish Endure24?

How to finish the Endure 24

Crossing the finish line and accomplishing 24-hours of running is a success that will etch itself in your memory. Completing Endure24 is an experience of accomplishment. It will remain with you long after you’ve crossed the line solo or with a group of mates. 

When you feel you can’t go on – and you’ll see lots of solo runners deteriorating like this – it’s time to grind out one more lap. The beauty of an event like Endure24 is it gives the runner every chance to run ultra distances in a controlled environment. The safety net is you’re never more than 5-miles away from resting and refuelling.

How does Endure24 work as part of a team?

As a team of up to 8-participants you will be tasked running the 8-kilometer loop in relay laps. This means that the larger your team is the less time you’re going to be running on your feet over 24-hours. The winning team are the ones that accumulate the most miles over the event. Rely on each other, encourage each other, and play your small part!

What are 24-hour races like?

Endure 24 24 hour race

Endure24 is open to all runners whether you’re super fit or not. You can always run as little or as much as possible. With a favourable comparison to the music and arts festival Glastonbury, amid the sound of music you’ll hear frequent whoops and hollering as people pass through the lap checkpoint. And as the morning dawns, runners with vacant stairs stumble around as shells of themselves. Nothing beats breaking out of this energy slump by taking the sunrise lap. Striding through Bramham Park as it slowly becomes illuminated by the morning rays is a stand out moment. Endure24 is a running event like no other!

How to volunteer for the Endure24 hour endurance race?

Endure24 is always looking for volunteers to support the participants at the event to rack up as many miles as possible. If you’re enthusiastic and practical you can help marshall Endure24 along the 8-kilometer route in Bramham Park over the weekend. Supportive finishers over the line in the serene surroundings of Bramham make for a positive time supporting others!

Is the Endure24 Dangerous?

Endure 24 dangerous

Endure24 is an unusual event. Running constantly for up to 24-hours isn’t something that your GP is going to recommend when advising to increase those physical activity levels. The jury is still out on how safe ultra marathon running is. It is recommended that you consult with an exercise professional for individual guidance, and balance your training with adequate recovery.

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