Potternewton parkrun 5km

The official Potternewton parkrun 5k route that takes in all of this lush inner city park.


Elevation gain:46m

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This is the official Potternewton parkrun route that takes in the lush greenery of Potternewton and plenty of the hills too! Nearly all of the course is on paths apart from a short trail section.

Before you pop down on a Saturday morning for a 9am start signup and print your runners barcode for free over at the Potternewton parkrun website.

Route Description

The route starts at the Harehills Avenue end of the park where the pathway drops into a dip simultaneously from both sides. You’ll start on the lowest point in the park and head anti-clockwise towards Harehills Avenue intersection before making a diagonal run up towards the play area. Passing the basketball and skate courts to your right you will take a left after the garden area.

Follow the path around clockwise past the mansion house towards the park entrance off Harrogate Road. At this point take the long downhill stretch past the tennis courts on your right. At the bottom head right up the hill towards the Harehills Avenue end of the park before running downhill back to the start.

Two laps and three quarters and your done!


In poor wet weather there’s a good chance that the pathways will get a little slippy under foot. Autumns the worst time for this because the leaves are falling.


Potternewton Park is a large park of 32 acres in the Harehills and Chapeltown area of Leeds. It’s only 2-miles from the centre of the city.

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The nearest toilet open Monday-Saturday is over at the Reginald Centre (Google Map Directions) – a couple of minutes walk up Harehills Avenue. You can also print your parkrun barcode at the centre for free.


There is no official parking for Potternewton Park. We recommend checking out the following two residential streets close by to the park:

Food and Drink

On Roundhay Road a short distance from the park is Maureen’s where you can get some of the best West Indian home cooking in Leeds to eat in or take out. If you want to stay the Chapeltown Road side of the park you can head towards the intersection off Harehills Avenue and pop into Kalabash to try their bakery bites and café menu out.

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