10 of the Best Running Routes in Leeds

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Leeds skyline from Sugar Well Hill Park. 10 of the best running routes in Leeds.

Running in Leeds is a dream because there’s something for everyone whatever difficulty you desire. Leeds Run Routes have selected the top 10 running routes from across Leeds that cover some of the best trail, road and canal terrains.

What many Leeds folk begin to appreciate as they run around the city the variety of different running routes it has. At any one point you could be running through the streets of inner-city Leeds before breaking out into a beautiful green space in the suburbs. And the Yorkshire countryside is always in running distance! Whether you’re just beginning as a runner; becoming more confident at it; or you’ve mastered the advanced distance and terrain. Leeds Run Routes has a route perfect for you below.

Check out our pick of 10 beginner-intermediate-advanced jaunts: 

Temple Newsam to Tropical World


To kick you off we’ve pulled together an advanced route that really mixes it up with road and trail running. The Temple Newsam to Tropical World route takes in not only two of the most popular tourist attractions in Leeds but 5 local nature reserves all in a single run!

For a full route description head to the Temple Newsam to Tropical World route page.

Armley Killer Steps


Armley Steps in the sun, the Armley Killer Steps Run Route.

Don’t be fooled by the name. These 161 Victorian steps hidden off the canal path on the edge of Gotts Park in Armley are perfect for everyone including a beginner. This is because you can choose how many sets of the stairs you want to run, and you can do this with a group of friends for encouragement, without losing each other. Plus, stair running has so many benefits for you!

Check out all the reasons why you need to conquer Armley Killer Steps.

The Leeds 10k


For anyone that’s wanted to run one of the best 10k routes in Leeds then this has to be one of the best contenders for any runner that reaches a comfortable level of running. The route takes in some of the most iconic parts of Headingley and the city centre. The flat road terrain makes this an intermediate favourite. All that’s missing is the crowd cheering you on!

Run the official Leeds 10k route here.

Eccup Reservoir Loop 


The Eccup Reservoir loop is 6-kilometres of running around the delightful views of this stunning water source and the surrounding woodland. This is an ideal route selection for someone that’s hitting a 5k distance. You’ll need to head to Alwoodley to start the Eccup Reservoir Loop.

Woodhouse Moor parkrun 5k


Woodhouse Moor parkrun was the fourth parkrun to grace this planet and the first outside of London. This global running phenomenon challenges everyone from dog walkers to athletes to run against the clock; over 5-kilometres every Saturday at 9am. The Woodhouse Moor parkrun is pretty flat too which makes it one of the best 5k run routes for beginners in Leeds.

Run the Woodhouse Moor parkrun route any day of the week.

Meanwood Valley Trail 


Meanwood Valley Trail Sign. Meanwood Valley Trail Run Route.

Most runners go through a period where the road and pathway get a little tedious and uninspiring. The best thing to do if this happens is to give trail running a go. As the Meanwood Valley Trail is broken down into sections you can scale the difficulty based on your running needs and ability.

The Leeds Run Routes version is 14 miles of advanced goodness that takes in some of the best green spaces in Leeds – Adel Woods and the ever popular Golden Acre Park are perfect pit stops.

Hit the Meanwood Valley Trail Run Route now.

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Pudsey & Tong Loop 10k 


Now you’ve got a taste for trail running and you’re happy with those longer more advanced distances it’s time to move to a lesser known gem in Pudsey and Tong. This 10k loop takes in the ancient woodland of Nan Whins Wood and the breath-taking scenery of Post Hill. You won’t see as many different countryside views from up high, down low and by water as you do on the Pudsey & Tong Loop 10k.

Ardsley Reservoir


Running around Ardsley Reservoir is a perfect route for a beginner runner because it’s the best kind of route to find a rhythm get into a stride. It’s not guaranteed that the stunning views of Emley Moor won’t disrupt your pace.

Go and check the Ardsley Reservoir route for yourself.

Howley Hall Ruins 


Making the change from road running to trail running isn’t always the most straightforward transition because trails can be challenging. Leeds Run Routes have selected a perfect beginner trail route that not only eases you into off-road running but also gives you a little history lesson at the same time.

Run back in time to the ruins of Howley Hall.

Roundhay parkrun 5k 


Tree in Roundhay Park by the lake. Roundhay parkrun 5k run route.

To round up our top 10 of the best running routes in Leeds we’ve picked arguably the best parkrun in Leeds. Roundhay parkrun is a challenging course for those still getting used to running a 5k distance in Leeds. When you’ve finished the Roundhay parkrun 5k it’s worth checking out some of the other attractions the park has to offer.

Leeds Run Routes have provided you ten of the best run routes on trail, road and canal from across Leeds. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced runner you need to get out and run some of these routes to find out how good they are. When you’re exhausted these and you’re ready for your next running challenge head to the route listing to find your next adventure.

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Ben is an experienced runner and fitness enthusiast who has been working in the sport and fitness industry for over 10 years. His passion for running began when he founded the Run Leeds project, while working for England Athletics. Ben is passionate about the sport of running and is always looking for ways to improve it. He is dedicated to helping runners of all ages and abilities to achieve their goals. He believes that running is one of the most enjoyable and accessible sports and loves to spread the joy of running.

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