Kirkstall Road Negative Splits

A Kirkstall Road training run that tests your speed over distance while the clocks ticking!


Elevation gain:28m

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It’s you against the clock on Kirkstall Road…

The negative split is a training method that builds a stronger finish into your distancing. You’ll move up the gears on this run; running the first 2k stretch of Kirkstall Road in a slower time than the second return stretch.

It’s a 4k training run with a sprint finale!

Route Description

Start under Kirkstall Viaduct and run towards Kirkstall Abbey on the flat paths. The purpose of this run is to simply run the second half of it quicker than the first. We recommend you time your run until you reach the halfway point at the Kirkstall Lane and Abbey Road junction. Turn around and increase your speed over distance to beat that time on the way back to the start point at the viaduct. It’s going to be shaving seconds off your minutes per mile!

Ready? Your body is built for this kind of training run. The muscles will be more relaxed and the endorphin hit will be starting to flood your brain. Giving you that bit more…



Kirkstall Road has lots of busy residential streets breaking off of it. When you’re going for it on a negative split you’re likely to zone out of this potential danger. Watch those turnings ahead and keep an eye on the car flow coming from behind you before leaving those pavements.


Kirkstall Road is as flat as pancake, which makes it perfect for a negative split run. It’s one of busiest A roads going into Leeds city from the west. Running this road brings you closer to the suburbs of Bramley and Horsforth.

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There’s numerous cafes, pubs and restaurants along Kirkstall Road that could allow a weary runner with a bursting bladder to use the toilet.


Park for free just down from the viaduct on the residential turn off of Banker Street, postcode: LS4 2DS (Google Map Directions)

Food and Drink

If you’re after a low key bite to eat and a drink there’s some great no fuss options the viaduct end of Kirkstall Road. For some classic café food and drink (with seating outside) we recommend the no fuss and consistency of Café Enzo.

On the flip, you might want something a little more complex without having a formal sit down meal. The team at Poco Sicilian are revolutionising street food that can be easily taken out! Perfect for hitting your taste buds while still in your sweaty running gear.

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