Kirkstall Road & Canal Loop

Two sides of Kirkstall. One on the road; one through Armley Park and alongside Leeds Liverpool canal


Elevation gain:126m

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This 6.5km run route takes you on a looped journey of Kirkstall. A mix of urban, park, and canal running!

Route Description

Starting at Kirkstall Leisure centre head towards the city centre on the left side of Kirkstall Road. Keep your wits about you as you cross the minor road junctions off Kirkstall road, cars can fly out of these! Keep on the left all the way past Poco and go under the Leeds viaduct. After the viaduct take a right just before the shell garage and follow Viaduct Road. This is a slow climb and a great training run!

Stay on Viaduct Road as it turns to Ledgard Way and keep following it round. Follow the road right onto Stanningley Road and keep to the right side. Just before the allotments you will then come across a path into Armley Park. Head down here (a bit of downhill fun) until you reach the canal.

At the canal, cross the bridge and take a left. This is the last leg of the route and a great opportunity to pick up your speed. You will pass under one bridge and then take the exit to get onto the road of the second bridge. Once on the road (Broad Lane) take a right and head back to Kirkstall Leisure centre.


The first half of this route is along Kirkstall Road and requires crossing to get to the canal side. This road is always fairly busy so take care when stepping out!

The canal section can get busy with cyclists and walkers. Try to stay to the left and keep your ears open for the sound of a bell!


The scenery of this route is a pleasant contrast. Start on Kirkstall Road – one of the busiest roads in and out of Leeds – and glide along the serene Leeds Liverpool canal. Towards the end you’ll run through Armley Park too.

If you fancy a bit of a challenge whilst in Armley Park, why not take a look at the Armley Killer Steps… 161 steps and 80 metres of climbing!


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There’s numerous cafes, pubs and restaurants along Kirkstall Road. The Kirkstall Leisure Centre at the start and end of the route is a convenient toilet break too. There are several bins down Kirkstall Road, as well as through Gotts park and along the canal.


Due to the location being very residential there are a fair few options for parking. However, to be on the safe side we would recommend parking in the Morrisons car park located 2-minutes walk away. Morrisons postcode is LS5 3RP (Google Map directions)

Food and Drink

There are several pubs nearby with a relaxed atmosphere that are ideal for runners who have sweated it out and aren’t made up. Both the Kirkstall Bridge Inn and The West End House are ideal for a group or solo post-run. Both these Kirkstall Road pubs serve good food and drink.

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